You made it!

This is so exciting for me because you are taking the first steps in learning more about what you need in your life. This is so important to understand as you keep on this journey of life.

You matter. Plain and simple.

For most of you it may be hard to put money into yourself and I want you to know that I see you. I honour and respect that as you want to make the best decisions for where your money goes and most importantly where our time goes. I am honoured to be considered in this first part of your jounrey. I hope we can chat about the reasons you are seeking a guide, a couch, and why you are here reading this right now.

I love what I do. I would love to share with you why I love what I do.

Look at what I have to offer and contact me about more details. I can customize a package that will be perfect for you. It’s a beautiful thing having your own personal coach that will be unbais and able to help your sort out the unbalances in the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Thanks for showing up…I look forward to working and getting to know you.

Mel xo

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